Last Minute Touches

AnaMarkova Toyah Sweater Dress Plum

Guests will be arriving any minute and I’m just making last minute changes to the table. The fire is going, the snow is falling and the candles are lit. Thank goodness I have this comfortable yet striking outfit from Ana Markovah to wear. I’ll feel perfectly at ease all evening in this beautiful sweater dress

Dress – Ana Markovah – Toyah Sweater Dress Plum

Earrings – Bodhi – Spike Bracelet & Earring Set

Shoes – KC – Adore Heels

Hair – Mina – Kaya dark Brown


Time Out for Family

Family Christmas 12.12.2015

Life is full of surprises… and this time it was moving to a new flat right before Christmas. Of all the luck, right? It’s been a bit hectic, but we are settling in nicely. The tree is decorated, stockings are up, and shopping is done…. well most of it anyway. Which reminds me I still have holiday baking to do…. Agghhh! But for right now, I will take time out to enjoy my family.

Dress – BlackRose – Rollneck Dress Patchwork B

Stockings – AviCandy – Lace Black Seam Licorice

Shoes – Moda – Imani Tassle Pumps

Purse – MdiModa (MP) – Clutch Black

Ring – EF – Aglaea’s Splendor Ring

Hair – Unique:Designs (MP) – Sophie

Baby – Zooby Babies – Chris

Baby Outfit – Pat A Kake (MP) – Sara Coat & Beret

Puppy – Zooby Pets – Beagle


Winter Wonderland

Snow Days 12.10.2015 1

This morning I awoke to the perfect silence that is the trademark of freshly falling snow. Excitedly I quickly dressed, grabbed my xin coat and dashed out the door. The air was crisp and the sky still had a touch of early morning. I couldn’t wait to see my footprints in the wide expanse of perfect white. Walking silently in this winter wonderland I couldn’t help but admire the beauty all around me. There were several animals out and about this morning and I watched as they scurried along doing there daily activities. This was one of those mornings I knew would find it’s unique spot in a long trail of memories.

Coat, Scarf & Shirt – xin – Traveler’s Coat khaki

Skirt – Black Rose – Belted Mini Skirt Embroider Denim

Boots & Socks – Chic & Shoes – Winter Boots w/Hud

Hair – enVOGUE – Lynette Dark Browns w/Hat

Let it Snow!

Let it Snow 12.10.2015 1

It’s December and I had a few days off between shoots so I headed to Calas Galadhon for a much needed vacation. This has always been one of my favorite places to visit and with the snow and christmas decorations it was absolutely fabulous! I went exploring, ice skating, horseback riding and even found time to relax with hot chocolate and marshmallows. To stay warm and stylish I wore my pink outfit from Gaall.

Top, Pants, Sweater & Shoes – Gaall – Hurry Up Outfit

Necklace – Designs by Sebastian – Pearl Two Strand White

Rings –  Moondance – Jewels Eirian Group gift

Hair – enVOGUE – Lynette Dark Browns w/Texture Change Hat

Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning

Up early for a photo shoot this morning…. and it’s so foggy! Luckily I have my coatdress from AnaMarkova.

Coatdress – AnaMarkova – Vella Coatdress Autumn

Boots – Chic &Shoes – Overfly High Boots

Hat – KOKOIA – Bad Mojo

Ring – Beloved Jewelry – Cocktail Ring Platinum or Gold Change Gems



Lov’in My Job!

Dead Dollz Felina White

Every now and than I fill in as a DJ at a local club. It’s challenging but so much fun. Tonight I decided to Knock Em Dead in this sexy dress by Dead Dollz.

Body – Maitreya Lara

Dress – Dead Dollz – Felina White

Necklace – LaGyo Coven Silver w/hud

Bracelets – Baubles! – DiamondsNLaceBangles

Hair – EMO-tions – Finya

Art With Flair

Art Gallery - TOR Foggy Melon_004

I woke up early this morning with anticipation. I had told my friend Chloe I would help her set up at the art fair today.  Chloe had some nice pieces and I decided I was ready to make a statement too!  Pulling the colorful jacket from my closet I laid it on my bed. This jacket was bright and colorful.  Not being one to blend into the background at a social event it was the perfect choice for today.  I searched through my closet and found a cute white tank top with yellow trim. Laying it against the jacket I smiled.  My black belted skirt was next to lay on the bed followed not long after by my purple clutch.  I tapped my finger against my lips as I visualized all my shoes in my head one by one.  Ahh ha!  I turned to my closet and pulled out my colorful boots.  I carefully dressed and admired myself in the mirror.  Yes…. this would definitely do. Taking a final look in the mirror I whisked out of the room and headed to Chloe’s.

Body – Maitreya Lara

Jacket & Top – ArisAris – GaRaO Odyssey Jacket & Top

Skirt – Petite Mort – Tar Velvet Skirt

Necklace – Meva – MeiMei Necklace Gold

Shoes – ALB – South Dakota Boots

Hair – EMO-tions – Finya

Too Much Noise

Chop Zuey - Adored Darkne_001Chop Zuey - Phototools B-W Light 3_001

As I neared the open balcony doors I could hear the ocean gently calling to me…  The dress was incredible. The blush colored chiffon gently covered the silk as it subtly clung to my body. The waistband was just wide enough to make a statement and sleekly gathered to a bow at the back. Small straps drew the eyes upward towards my neck which was encased in three exquisite rows of pearls and a sparkling brooch. I had tucked my hair casually behind my ear to show off the sparkling earring that included the same pattern as the brooch.  Everyone knew these items would be back in the vault when the evening was over.  Finding the sparkling clutch bag the other day had been pure luck and the platform heels pulled off the look.  I took one more deep breath of the cool ocean air, straightened my shoulders, and turned back towards the party…. there were plenty more heads to turn!

Dress – ColdLogic – 2015 Anniversary Gift

Jewelry – Glitzz – Tiffany’s

Clutch – Look*Me – Arus

Shoes – Maitreya – Gold Shiki

Hair – Static – Angelica – Group Gift @ The Premium Only Event

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Hunt - Phototools Moon Light_002

With Halloween fast approaching there are so many great seasonal items available and no shortage of ways to express ourselves.  This year I’ve chosen a casual outfit put together from several lines to create a fashionably unique look.  This enchanting top really catches the eye with its silky appearance and subtle black floral-organic design. The black trim and off the shoulder sleeves give a slightly sultry look.  Around the neck lays a beautiful leather and stone necklace with dark earthy tones and the wrist flaunts a matching bracelet. The black leather pants with their smooth texture keep that sultry look going.  To spice it up throw in some perky high-heeled pumpkin colored pumps and presto your ready to go.  After Halloween it’s easy enough to swap out the pumpkin colored pumps for black and this ensemble will carry you right through the Thanksgiving Holidays.

Top –  Purple Moon – Anica Blouse Halloween Edition Group Gift

Pants  Jada Humby Couture – Willow Black Leather

Necklace – Meva – Leather Stone Necklace 2

Bracelet – .::Black Design::. – Female Necklace Set Group Gift

Shoes – Purple Moon – Purpurina Peep Toe Group Gift

Hair – Static – Angelica The Premium Only Event  Group Gift